February 20 Zodiac

Solar sign: Pisces – Element: water

Pisces born on February 20 are romantic idealists using a genuine love of beauty, art, and music. The sign of your fish indicates you are a warm, social becoming having a compassionate character in addition to a friendly, easygoing manner. As a diplomat and group player, that you are naturally polite and receptive to the requires of other individuals. You recognize with those in distress as well as feel their pain, and to relieve their suffering, you’re generally prepared to do whatever it is possible to to assist them solve their issues. At times you’re so eager to become of assistance that you may not even notice when somebody is wanting to reap the benefits of your superior nature.

Your mysterious, chameleon-like personality fascinates and typically confounds people. You may have tremendous insight into what motivates other individuals, but they can not figure you out. You possess an otherworldly excellent that may make you seem softer than you really are. Your forte is your capability to compromise and bring opposing forces together. Courteous, tactful, and sociable, you project a sense of balance and harmony that permeates all of your interactions. Your true aim would be to assistance generate a world where every person is treated equally, with respect and dignity.

You might be sentimental, idealistic, and romantic, with some rather unrealistic ideas about relationships. You abhor confrontations and may endeavor to maintain the peace by clinging to a negative scenario. Instead of coping with disappointment, you choose to put on a pair of rose-colored glasses and inform oneself everything’s okay, even when it isn’t.