February 21 Zodiac

Solar sign: Pisces – Element: water

Pisces whose birthday falls on February 21 is imaginative, creative, dramatic, and romantic. Charming and resourceful, with a fantastic sense of humor and also a chameleon-like adaptability, you fit in everywhere and get along with absolutely everyone. You project a dreamy aura that tends to make you appear 1 step removed from the true world. Some may see this as an indication that you are a pushover for an adroit sales pitch or heart-wrenching sob story. Absolutely nothing may be further from the truth. Despite your compassionate, easygoing nature, you are capable of talking circles around the majority of people, and also you rarely agree to accomplish something you do not wish to do.

Individuals born under the sign of Pisces and the number 3 (21 = 2+1) are self-expressive, enthusiastic, optimistic, and sociable. As 1 of society’s charmers, you possibly have quite a few good friends and admirers. You possess the logical thoughts of a scientist with an artistic temperament. Mentally, you might be quick-witted and clever. Emotionally, you’re impressionable, idealistic, and compassionate. In spite of your light-hearted manner, there is practically nothing superficial about your need to succeed; you’re naturally ambitious and tough operating. Multi-talented and really versatile, you may have problems picking out from amongst many diverse career options.

You project a magical allure that draws romance into your life. It’s a lucky point also, due to the fact you consider love important to private happiness. You crave moonlight, poetry, and romance. Prior to you commit to an intimate union, you might want to know you are genuinely cared about and appreciated.