February 22 Zodiac

Solar sign: Pisces – Element: water

Pisces born on February 22 gives you a charismatic personality as well as a compassionate understanding of those about you. You empathize with others, however a cautious pragmatism lurks beneath your kindhearted Pisces character. You’ll be able to be rather secretive, and also you hardly ever speak about your plans till you have set them into motion. A exclusive mixture of intuition and psychic receptivity aids you have an understanding of the deeper which means of items. You have got a gift for tuning into wavelengths that are not offered through ordinary channels; it at times appears as for those who pull details out on the air.

Your uncommon blend of creativity and can power make you a good bet for a career inside the arts or the media. Your personal agenda revolves about a need to make your mark in the globe. With your many talents, prophetic vision, and strength of goal, you might have the requisite capabilities to succeed in practically any occupation. You’d do specifically effectively in politics due to your universal appeal. Because the consummate humanitarian, you are prepared to sacrifice your very own interests for the fantastic of society.

In love, you’re idealistic and romantic, but also accountable and devoted. You crave affection and may not be genuinely happy without the need of it. That you are generous together with your loved ones, but your feelings are very easily hurt when you sense that your support just isn’t appreciated.