February 23 Zodiac

Solar sign: Pisces – Element: water

Pisces born on February 23 are an intriguing blend of the intuitive, emotional fish plus the rational communicator linked together with the quantity twenty-three. As such, you are fascinated using the occult and metaphysics, but lots of widespread sense is mixed in along with your interest within the mysterious and uncommon. You will be fluent in language, get pleasure from producing conversation, and possess a great deal to say. Additionally, you’re also a very good listener. You may have literary and dramatic potential and possibly a talent in art, music, and dance at the same time. If you are not a writer, artist, or entertainer oneself, you’re most likely an avid patron from the arts.

You possess the genuine compassion and caring nature of a true humanitarian. Your sensitivity to other folks offers you a psychic-like insight into their hearts and minds. Your rapid wit and fine intellect attract close friends and associates using a broad selection of cultural interests. Ambitious and versatile, with a mercurial temperament, you are a organic networker who mixes effectively with folks from all walks of life. Your leadership capabilities and knack for mixing small business with pleasure make you a highly effective force inside the skilled world. Having said that, you have got a restless nature that can not abide getting chained to a desk or tied to a routine job.

In a loving connection you are generous and passionate. You enjoy the intimacy of a committed partnership. However, you need a partner who shares some of your lots of interests and may be a friend also as a lover.