February 25 Zodiac

Solar sign: Pisces – Element: water

Pisces born on February 25 are truth-seeking detectives in search from the grail that includes life’s secrets. Your mind is your greatest resource, and in lots of methods you are smart beyond your years. You’ve a vivid imagination having a sturdy attraction to all things mysterious, unknown, or unknowable. Your psychic-like intuition gives you tremendous insight into folks and their circumstances. Yet you’ve a rather secretive nature your self, significantly given to solitude and private contemplation.

These born on February 25 are natural salesperson and can be witty, charming conversationalists after they really feel like it. Regardless of whether you choose to channel your talents into the arts, business, or the helping professions, you may have a knack for transforming your dreams into lucrative realities. Because the combination in the Sun in Pisces plus the root quantity seven is incredibly spiritual in nature, you may be traditionally religious or involved in an option movement outdoors the mainstream. Quite a few whose birthdays occur on this date are successful writers, actors, artists, or musicians. Other individuals discover that their accurate calling lies in assisting others via teaching, social function, politics, or the ministry.

You are a accurate romantic, and love could play a major function inside your life. Having said that, you may need to find a partner who understands your moodiness and is tuned in for your wavelength. Otherwise, you may realize that you just are happier by yourself.