February 26 Zodiac

Solar sign: Pisces – Element: water

Pisces natives whose birthdays fall on February 26 are sensitive, compassionate workaholics who desire to make a distinction inside the community. You may be as dreamy and imaginative as other fish, however the number twenty-six’s vibration prompts you to channel your artistic talents into undertakings which are practical as well as inventive. Your forte lies in your ability to very carefully prepare a foundation and fine-tune your plans ahead of you convey them to other folks. A caring, idealistic humanitarian, you get along with all types of folks, and also you normally know what the public wants. Your unique mixture of intuition, creativity, and will energy make you a fantastic bet for accomplishment in pretty much any profession.

Those Pisces born on February 26 are amongst the most industrious, efficient, and disciplined members of the Pisces group. Although you’re greater at dealing with reality than some fish, you may develop into resentful when practical considerations rain on your illusions. Repeated disappointments can sap your vitality and make you pessimistic concerning the future. Your saving grace is usually a surprising sense of humor that assists get you through challenges and setbacks.

In an intimate relationship, you crave affection and understanding. You happen to be romantic, devoted, generous, and protective along with your loved ones, but your own feelings are quickly hurt if your sort gestures are usually not appreciated or reciprocated.