February 28 Zodiac

Solar sign: Pisces – Element: water

Amongst Pisces natives, these born on February 28 stand out as dynamic leaders. Your dreamy, Neptune-ruled nature notwithstanding, you are the 1 to call on in a crisis. When a problem arises, your gut response would be to confront it head on. You proceed complete steam ahead to straighten things out; then you definitely direct them to a productive conclusion. Your ability to tune in to your surroundings supplies you having a sense of what persons are considering and feeling. Your knack for discerning patterns, tastes, and trends tells you what the public wants and wants.

Those born on February 28 have a caring, compassionate nature and an idealistic view with the world. Consequently, you do not generally deal nicely with rock-bound reality, specially when it intrudes on your dreams and illusions. Though you are much less forceful than other individuals, your one of a kind combination of intuition and ambition aids you hold your very own in the competitive milieu of enterprise or the arts. Occasionally you may really feel caught in between your artistic Pisces temperament as well as the energy and drive in the root number one. When you send out mixed signals, you confuse even individuals who consider they know you nicely.

Your many activities and independent spirit can get within the way of close relationships. In an intimate union, you’re caring and romantic, but you really feel emotionally vulnerable. Nevertheless, you’ll need love within your life. With out it, you feel only half alive.