February 29 Zodiac

Solar sign: Pisces – Element: water

The particular Pisces born on February 29, on Leap Year’s Day, are likeable, charming, and diplomatic. Your magnetic character attracts lots of close friends and acquaintances. With your fine social abilities and equitable manner, you get together with all kinds of folks. You have got an ethereal excellent that tends to make you appear much less resilient than you essentially are. Consequently, your individual agenda is typically misinterpreted. Even though some may think about you an inconsequential social butterfly, you are truly surprisingly ambitious. And you’re not afraid to utilize your subtle powers of persuasion to get individuals to find out things your way.

Your mysterious, otherworldly air captivates and confuses persons. You may have a terrific deal of insight into what motivates them, yet they can’t rather figure you out. That you are sympathetic and sensitive to people’s difficulties and sincere within your need to assist. As you listen to their troubles, instinct tells you what they require to perform to achieve the very best probable benefits. With your refined and artistic temperament, you may discover your finest avenues of expression inside the arts or the assisting professions. Having said that, that you are incredibly sensitive. In case your efforts usually do not elicit the response you anticipate, you’ve a tendency to turn into discouraged.

In an intimate connection, you make a loyal, loving, providing partner. You are inherently romantic and idealistic, and also you want a mate who’s equally caring and affectionate in return.