February 3 Zodiac

Solar sign: Aquarius – Element: air

Not a great deal gets past the mentally alert February 3rd person. Concepts are your forte, and you’re serious about every thing and absolutely everyone. You possess an open, friendly nature with tremendous private magnetism. You discover promptly and have fantastic communication expertise with flashes of inspiration that enable you to express your self with fluency and ease. You are specifically adept at coming up with new tips after which selling them to other individuals. Considerably more flexible and versatile than most Aquarians, you are generally around the lookout for thrilling new experiences. Your enthusiasm, compassion, and interest inside the common very good benefit absolutely everyone around you, and you set a great example for those with a significantly less optimistic view of life.

With your refined, intellectual nature, you’ve got a tendency to live extra in the thoughts than in the senses. You actually radiate forward-looking Aquarian individuality. You get pleasure from folks, love to speak, and possess a all-natural understanding of what tends to make other individuals tick. Yet, even though you may be a master at probing every person else’s psyche, you seldom give out intimate particulars of the personal life.

Your charm and charisma attract admirers like flies to honey. Relationships are critical to you, but you like your own personal space and can feel uncomfortable if somebody tries to have too close. While you might have a terrific wish for love, you may have an even greater need for freedom and independence.