February 4 Zodiac

Solar sign: Aquarius – Element: air

The seemingly quirky, slightly eccentric men and women born on February 4 are basically several of the hardest working persons around. This means that even though you have an adventurous spirit, you are extra purposeful and standard than the typical Aquarius. You have got tremendous self-discipline and tiny use for factors or activities you take into consideration frivolous or impractical. There is nothing at all on the ordinarily Aquarian absent-minded professor within your makeup; you have got an excellent memory and exceptional powers of concentration.

Fundamentally self-motivated, you might have a powerful sense of what you want to achieve as well as your own concepts regarding the way issues needs to be done. Humanitarian idealism along with the want to develop anything lasting fuel your wish to assist the globe. Revolutionary ideas along with the capacity to back them up with sensible implementation are your strengths. Nonetheless, your sense of duty in addition to a belief in doing the appropriate factor may cause you to over-extend oneself. You are normally so busy performing your duty that you are likely to neglect to take time out to unwind and take pleasure in your self.

You’re not strictly a workaholic, but any time you get caught up inside a project or thought, you usually forget about every little thing else. Love is definitely important to you, but you are easily disappointed when the person you care about fails to live up to your higher requirements.