February 7 Zodiac

Solar sign: Aquarius – Element: air

The Aquarius born on February 7 projects an alluring magnetism that’s hard to resist and impossible to define. Your complicated, contradictory character tends to mystify the majority of people, yet they uncover themselves drawn to you as if by magic. Even though outwardly gregarious and genuinely helpful, you possess a contemplative inner core that demands periods of privacy and solitude. You’re an innovative, independent thinker with an otherworldly demeanor plus a strikingly original way of taking a look at factors. When your Aquarian intellect merges using the number seven’s intuition and imagination, you’re capable of visualizing possibilities that other folks do not even dream about.

Your gentle heart and sensitive, impressionable nature make you a crusader for social causes. Simply because you determine with men and women and their issues, you lengthy to assist them enhance their lives. Your scholarly command of language and talent for communicating your one of a kind insights allow you to convince other individuals to join you inside your humanitarian issues. While your solutions to the world’s troubles are a rather oddball mixture of logical, scientific ideas and metaphysical principles, they could be surprisingly productive.

In close relationships, you waver in between romantic idealism and rational Aquarian detachment. You make a wonderfully loyal pal, but in an intimate union you really feel exposed and vulnerable. You wish to be involved, yet you’re deathly afraid of losing your independence.