February 9 Zodiac

Solar sign: Aquarius – Element: air

Aquarius born on February 9 is a person who is a unique combination of childlike innocence and terrific wisdom. Even though you’ve to take care of lots of problems within your personal life, you willingly rally to the reason for other people’s struggles. You do not merely espouse your spiritual beliefs-you reside them. You’re compassionate and not overly sensible; at occasions it is possible to be so generous to others as to endanger your individual security. In addition, you might care significantly less. Aquarian stubbornness is marked in February 9th individuals. Once you decide to complete some thing, no power on Earth or within the heavens can change your thoughts.

That you are self-directed and march to a beat that only you could hear. Your revolutionary ideas often border on genius. You’ve a reputation for eccentricity that comes as a lot from other people’s misinterpretation of one’s paradigm-busting brilliance as from your personal want to shock. You have no patience with people who are so focused on the past that they refuse to accept change. You will not hesitate to shake persons up in case you consider it’ll aid get your message across.

Naturally friendly and sociable, you attract all varieties of acquaintances. You’re inherently extra romantic and sentimental than numerous of your Sun sign counterparts. You flourish inside the tranquility of a harmonious property and may be rather protective of your loved ones and your private moments with them.