January 21 Zodiac

Solar sign: Aquarius – Element: air

Persons born January 21 are remarkably communicative unique thinkers with dynamic, outgoing personalities. As such, your inventive head and quick-witted curiosity blend to supply a left brain/right brain mentality capable of being familiar with science and engineering on the 1 hand and philosophy and faith on the other. A lot of the time, you live within your head and its realm of logical thought. At other periods you might be motivated by potent feelings of compassion generated by your humanitarian ideals. Your challenge lies in finding a balance stage between the two sides of your respective character.

You’re a consummate performer which has a flair for your dramatic, and you also love occupying the middle of the stage. In business, you’re friendly, charming, and honest. You want staying surrounded by good friends and associates with whom you could examine common interests. Despite a well-earned track record being a visionary with fairly eccentric suggestions, when you speak, your phrases use a obvious impact on men and women. You’re undoubtedly not a loner, but you are exceptionally independent and resent having limits imposed on you by society’s code of habits.

Primarily an enthralling, sociable people-person, you may strike up a dialogue with anybody. However, you often perform far better in relaxed relationships than in intensely psychological, intimate types. You are typically far more snug in a very companionable partnership that starts to be a friendship and develops into an personal union based mostly on shared plans and concepts.