January 23 Zodiac

Solar sign: Aquarius – Element: air

Those with birthdays that drop on January 23 are unconventional, paradigm-busting idealists. For a genuine Aquarian rebel with the modern mentality, your forte is your ability for modifying set up tips by rethinking them and restating them in solely new approaches. You might be sociable, helpful, and compassionate, but your air of emotional detachment will make your humanitarianism appear to be more common than particular. Although you discover with all diverse forms of folks, you need to do not in good shape any unique mode.

The only real team you are prone to experience absolutely at ease with is a person created up of very individualistic individuals like by yourself. Inspite of your clear intelligence and sound, theoretical head, your oddball eccentricities may make you a status as something of the flake. You are witty and fast wondering and possess a method with words and phrases which makes you a organic storyteller. Interested in all the things, you have an especially very low threshold for boredom and boring regimen. Most Aquarians are as fascinated together with the earlier as with the long run. Consequently, you may possess a compelling curiosity in place age engineering and an equally strong fascination for ancient background and archeology.

Individual flexibility is very essential to you, nonetheless you’re eminently faithful and honorable as part of your treatment of other folks. Inside a shut union, you are usually far more idealistic than intimate. The companion you are trying to find is your soul mate, and also the relationship you’re hoping for is just one based on friendship, companionship, and common interests.