January 29 Zodiac

Solar sign: Aquarius – Element: air

The challenge of these born on January 29 would be to preserve a balance between the independent spirit with the Aquarian outsider along with the number two’s wish to be a part of a group. This paradoxical aspect of the nature stems from your conflicting beliefs. You happen to be torn in between your concepts in regards to the sanctity of individualism and also a deep-seated need to belong. Naturally broad-minded and tolerant, you happen to be eclectic in your option of associates. Your intuitive insight into human nature tends to make you a fantastic judge of character. Regardless of your caring, humanitarian outlook, your idealistic options for the world’s woes aren’t usually sensible and often work improved in theory than in practice.

Talkative, friendly, and socially aware, you have got a way of drawing individuals out and locating out what makes them tick. You believe in cooperation and believe most challenges are very best resolved through discussion and compromise. Fundamentally rational and affordable, you method factors intellectually instead of emotionally. Your uncommon combination of a scientific thoughts and an artistic temperament comes in the ability to mix and match your inventive ideas together with your love of beauty and technological insight.

You’re a lot more romantic than most Aquarius and much more likely to want a partner to share your life. Nonetheless, once you come across your soul mate, you anticipate a perfect connection. In love, you are capable of true devotion, but if your substantial other need to disappoint you in any way, you are also rather capable of leaving devoid of a backward glance.