January 31 Zodiac

Solar sign: Aquarius – Element: air

The vibrant, logical-minded people born on January 31 are often jolted out of their linear mode of thinking by sudden flashes of inspiration. These instantaneous bolts of psychic awareness awaken your imagination and enable you to resolve problems you’ve been wrestling with to get a long time. Even though your Aquarian nature is generally unconventional and open to all sorts of possibilities, the sensible vibration from the root quantity four may make it difficult for you personally to accept psychic impressions as valid info. Nonetheless, when you go together with your hunches, you’ve the wherewithal to combine your intellectual and creative concepts with bursts of intuition and to materialize your avant-garde tips inside the real planet.

You’re a correct humanitarian, someone who cares in regards to the world’s troubles and desires to assist repair them. Your solutions have a tendency to rely on sensible considerations as opposed to pie-in-the-sky idealism. You have got exceptional organizational and managerial abilities and also a superior head for organization than most water bearers do. Your strength of purpose keeps you going lengthy just after other people have run out of steam.

Mentally you might be alert and quick-witted, but emotionally you are a rather cool consumer who finds it hard to share deeper feelings. Despite your air of detachment, you are far more in need to have of affection and companionship than you admit. When you are prepared to let down your guard, you make a wonderfully loyal, dependable friend or lover.