July 29 Zodiac

Solar sign: Leo – Element: Fire

The fiery aggressiveness in the Leo native born on July 29 is tempered by the courtesy and sociability affiliated with the root selection two. Your aim is to bring balance and harmony to all your undertakings. Although you meet challenges with enthusiasm, you are a lot less apt than some lions to leap into new circumstances without careful consideration. You favor wondering matters via extremely thoroughly and consulting with some others just before achieving a closing selection. Even soon after you have made up your mind, you are vulnerable to reservations and next views.

These Leo natives celebrating birthdays on July 29 like consolation and luxury. You could be idealistic, however you are sensible and practical. Materially and emotionally, you are a person who wants to own all of it, and you also never ever drop sight of your aims. Your magnanimous attraction, resourceful skills, and bodily vitality make you an excellent wager for achievement in practically any career that catches your fancy. Occupational fields with apparent enchantment contain the arts and leisure, politics, the diplomatic support, business enterprise, regulation, and skilled sporting activities.

Within your own lifestyle you will be generous and loving. You believe in pairs, and other people and interactions necessarily mean much more for you than substance items. You need to be with someone who is prepared to share all areas of your life. Even so, your intimate idealism and want for regular interest can be alternatively challenging on the lover.