June 16 Zodiac

Solar sign: Gemini – Element: air

The caring, empathetic Gemini born on June 16 project a dreamy, ethereal quality that tends to make them appear somewhat removed from reality. In spite of a temperament that is definitely receptive and intuitive, you also possess all the attributes on the sharp-witted, logical mentality commonly linked with Gemini natives. As a fantastic communicator, you invariably have a thought to share or perhaps a point of view to express. Your rational, scientific side causes you to query every thing and after that analyze the answers you get. Your mystical, spiritual side accounts for the deep appreciation of music, art, as well as the beauties from the all-natural globe.

June 16th Gemini natives are very curious and prepared to experiment outdoors the norms of the mainstream when it suits their purposes. Properly hidden beneath your sociable, friendly character, there is a rather solitary inner nature that is significantly provided to meditation and private contemplation. Driven by tension and nervous power, you really feel compelled to try to exert mental control more than your deepest feelings. Because you believe in the old saw about the grass becoming greener in other people’s yards, you may experience feelings of dissatisfaction along with your own efforts and achievements.

Your innate mistrust of emotion can make close relationships seem problematic. You wish and need the space and freedom to pursue your quite a few private interests, but you also long for the love and safety of a long-term, committed union.