June 19 Zodiac

Solar sign: Gemini – Element: air

The fast-talking, dynamic Gemini whose birthday falls on June 19 can usually come up with a plausible cause for each impulsive act or utterance. Nonetheless, the truth is the fact that you usually speak or act with no considering. Though sometimes your impulses get you into huge trouble, much more frequently than not it turns out that you have mentioned exactly the proper thing or taken by far the most appropriate action. Your spontaneity and youthful exuberance serve as proof of one’s sincerity. Even when others occur to disagree with factors you have stated or carried out, they appreciate your conviction and understand that you simply mean well.

You love to speak and can rarely pass up a possibility to join within a lively discussion or debate. Your thirst for knowledge and info is practically unquenchable. You’re enjoyable loving and sociable, having a character that sparkles and attracts numerous close friends and acquaintances. You lead an action-packed life that causes you to skim the surface of quite a few distinct factors. You adore traveling, going to exotic areas, and meeting new individuals. You specifically take pleasure in living on the edge and participating in dicey activities that prove to become exciting, uncommon, or unsafe.

You’re in love using the romantic perfect in the perfect romance, but when push comes to shove, you prefer being free of charge and unfettered to becoming locked a dull relationship.