June 21 Zodiac

Solar sign: Cancer – Element: water

The person born on the Gemini/Cancer cusp is chatty, quick-witted, self-expressive, imaginative, and approachable. This mixture normally produces people that are inspired to make use of their energies and talents in the service of a larger goal, which include political or social causes, philosophy, education, the arts, family, or religion. While you might be sensitive to everything going on around you, your rationality keeps you from over-dramatizing conditions. You might be ambitious for material accomplishment, but you will be also really idealistic and determined to accomplish factors that may make a difference within the lives of other individuals.

Given that you may have the easygoing twins’ facility with words, you are not as vulnerable to emotional overload as most other crabs. You are willing to go over your personal feelings and suggestions, and also you encourage other men and women to share their thoughts and feelings with you. As a result, you are in a position to respond to their issues with insightful feedback and useful options. The Cancer/Gemini mix of curiosity and prodigious memory make you a organic student and a superb teacher. This mixture of intellect, imagination, and creativity produces many successful writers, artists, musicians, educators, and politicians.

Within a enjoy union, you are romantic with no becoming sentimental. Though you make a caring, affectionate partner, you’re unwilling to forgo friendship and companionship in favor of moonlight and roses. Without having mental affinity and widespread interests, you might become bored and shed interest in the partnership.