June 22 Zodiac

Solar sign: Cancer – Element: water

These Cancer born on June 22 are warm and friendly, using a excellent, somewhat loony sense of humor. Outwardly you come off as chattier and much less moody than most Cancer natives. Even so, on the inside you are as sensible and determined to succeed as any other crab. Material security is among your major issues. As a result of your comprehensive devotion to household and good friends, you worry as much about their safety as your personal. You are cautious with cash and possessions, but it’s not that you’re ungenerous. You simply detest waste. You have an eye for high-quality and only buy factors you realize will final.

The root number 4 represents the builder. It evokes the power to construct structures for the betterment of humankind. As a leader, you thrive on duty. You have a challenging, but fair, management style and organizational ability that make you top rated executive material. You’re predisposed to go slightly further and operate just a little tougher than the next particular person. In negotiations, you might be hardheaded and focused on the bottom line. However, you are so good about it, the other individual does not understand that she or he has been out maneuvered till just after the deal is signed.

Trust does not come easily to you. Anytime you really feel insecure in love and romance, you retreat into your protective shell. But, as soon as your confidence has been won, you’ll remain loyal and loving forever.