March 14 Zodiac

Solar sign: Pisces – Element: water

Men and women born on March 14 are inventive visionaries and are frequently out of step together with the status quo. A dreamer and paradigm buster, you’re a font of revolutionary tips and imaginative plans for the future. Your particular brand of intuitive logic stems in the mixture of your scientific mentality and artistic temperament. Though your mind is open to all possibilities, you in no way make assumptions without having verification. Prior to you arrive at a judgment, you query anything. Then you definitely very carefully scrutinize your personal conclusions.

Pisces who born on March 14th have an otherworldly top quality that makes them appear removed from the folks about them. Along with your quirky sense of humor and somewhat skewed image with the planet, you accept the odd, bizarre, and outrageous as regular. At heart you are a humanitarian and deeply concerned about society and its problems. You have a knack for getting in addition to all varieties of people and speedily make mates out of strangers. You believe in truth and beauty, as well as your ingrained idealism and sincerity are clear to everybody your meet. Despite your tolerance for dissenting tips, you come across as rather preachy when expressing your personal views.

In a close connection, you’re devoted and understanding. It’s easy for you to tune in for your mate to discover what she or he is considering and feeling. On the other hand, when you’re seized by the inventive impulse, you are able to just as easily tune your companion out.