March 15 Zodiac

Solar sign: Pisces – Element: water

Pisces born on March 15 are sensitive and perceptive, with delicate sensibilities. Due to this, you thrive in harmonious surroundings and steer clear of points you consider crude or vulgar. Your social skills and amiable personality attract a big circle of good friends and acquaintances. A natural diplomat with a fair and equitable nature, you’re usually referred to as upon to mediate differences. You may have a talent for bringing out the top in men and women by helping them recognize their own potential.

Inventive artists of all types are born on this date. The mixture on the Pisces Sun along with the number fifteen bestows an eye for line, form, color, and texture. You may also be drawn for the fantasy planet of entertainment. Acting is usually a all-natural medium for you personally, as are writing, music, dance, art and design, architecture, and film creating. Yours is often a curious, inquiring mind having a vivid imagination. You’re fascinated by something that may be the least bit strange or mysterious. Your prophetic vision goes far beyond mere intuition, as well as your innate understanding of patterns and cycles allows you to detect upcoming trends and alterations in taste and fashion.

Being both partnership and family members oriented, you do not like living or working alone. Your super-romantic, idealistic view in the planet keeps you focused on love and relationships, occasionally towards the exclusion of every little thing else. Without the need of somebody to share your life, you may feel only half alive.