March 16 Zodiac

Solar sign: Pisces – Element: water

Pisces born on March 16 are a complex blend of artistic, mystical, and material impulses. Furthermore, you possess a sort of intellectual curiosity that is definitely often discovered amongst folks of genius mentality. Around the one particular hand, you may have the requisite ability to effectively compete inside the industrial globe. Around the other, you really feel compelled to stay correct for your individual vision irrespective of what the cost. You will be keenly perceptive, with acute powers of observation that allow you to see by means of anyone’s facade. But, personally, you will be rather secretive and choose maintaining the facts of the private life to yourself.

Thoughtful, philosophical, and wise, you probably have clairvoyant or psychic abilities. Your inventive imagination seeks expression in writing, music, or art. While many people create you off as an impractical dreamer, your qualifications for worldly achievement are grossly underestimated. Your groundbreaking innovations are typically light years ahead of what other folks are undertaking. Your alien concepts may be regarded with skepticism initially, but sooner or later people commence to recognize their value.

Idealistic and romantic, you willingly make sacrifices for the loved ones. You yearn for an intimate union but have an independent streak that may make close relationships tough. You’ll need to seek out a companion who understands your will need for occasional periods of solitude.