March 2 Zodiac

Solar sign: Pisces – Element: water

Pisces whose birthday falls on March 2 is warm and sociable, having a compassionate heart and a friendly, easygoing manner. Temperamentally, you are a romantic idealist with a genuine love of beauty, art, and music. Solitude holds no specific appeal for you personally, and also you actively seek the partnership and cooperation of other folks. Invariably tactful and polite, you empathize with other individuals and are incredibly receptive to their requires. People in trouble turn to you for help and support because they know that you fully grasp their complications and issues.

In spite of your amiability, you will be nobody’s fool. Your psychic-like intuition rapidly zeros on any attempt to benefit from your agreeable nature. Then you let the other person know, in no uncertain terms, that you simply know the score and refuse to become imposed on. In profession matters, that you are ambitious and determined to succeed. Your concepts are forward hunting and progressive, as well as your effervescent personality and willingness to work challenging make it easier to bring them to fruition. Your essential nature is refined and inventive, and your ideal suggests of expression will most likely be discovered in the arts.

In an intimate partnership, you are romantic and sentimental, with really idealistic ideas about love. You dislike confrontation, and you will bend over backwards to keep the peace. Within a worst-case scenario, you may make a decision to leave as opposed to fight.