March 3 Zodiac

Solar sign: Pisces – Element: water

Pisces whose birthdays fall on March 3 are fantastic natured and sociable and possess a terrific sense of humor. The twinkle inside your eyes and your silver-tongued rhetoric may give some the concept that you are as well superficial to be taken seriously. Having said that, those who consider that way are in for any large surprise. Beneath the showmanship of the hail-fellow-well-met character, there’s a force to be reckoned with. Not only are you currently a fantastic deal far more critical than you appear, but you are clever and ambitious, having a fine intellect and considerable talent along artistic and scientific lines.

Pisces using the quantity 3 are complete of plans and schemes. You’re adept at juggling your schedule to cram in as significantly activity as you can. Nevertheless, there are not adequate hours in the day for you to complete all of the things you’d prefer to do or see everyone you would like to see. You’re simply distracted and prone to go off on tangents. However, once you get going, you achieve prodigious amounts of work in reasonably quick periods of time. Your mind is rapid and sharp, and also you come up with innovative, inventive ideas that other individuals never even dream about.

In love, you’re playful and affectionate. You desperately will need the grounding offered by a steady partnership, but you delight in your freedom also, and you are fearful of as well a great deal commitment.