March 5 Zodiac

Solar sign: Pisces – Element: water

The versatile Pisces born on March 5 is definitely an intriguing combination of intellect and emotion. Your interest is swiftly caught, however just as conveniently diverted. You demand continuous mental stimulation, as well as your restless curiosity sends you off on one tangent just after yet another. A freewheeling adventurer, you refuse to be boxed in by monotonous routine. You are drawn to the strange and uncommon. Absolutely nothing appeals to you a lot more than traveling and exploring exotic new areas. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of prevalent sense mixed in along with your vivid imagination and your fascination with every thing weird, mystical, and mysterious.

Those Pisces born on March 5 are idealistic dreamers using the courage to stand up and fight for their convictions, so it’s fortunate that communication is your forte. You will be naturally talkative and friendly, using a fantastic sense of humor. You make your case with so much grace and charm that even your detractors uncover your arguments tough to resist. It’s crucial for you personally to become able to share your suggestions and feelings, but irrespective of whether other men and women agree with you or not, their opinions rarely influence your actions.

In a love connection, you are caring and considerate, but considerably a lot more independent than several of one’s Sun sign counterparts. Your best partner is someone who understands your will need for freedom and for time by yourself to pursue your many interests.