May 14 Zodiac

Solar sign: Taurus – Element: earth

Taurus with birthday on May 14 are sensible visionaries whose view with the future is primarily based on a sound understanding with the previous and present. You’re not afraid to go against the tide of tradition, since you think in yourself as well as your far seeing, innovative ideas. Intellectually, you are light years ahead of other members of one’s generation. Your forward-looking, progressive outlook makes it possible for you to find out future possibilities that your much more conservative peers can’t even imagine. Consequently, you may be the a single to come up with groundbreaking ideas capable of changing the world.

Taurus born on May 14 are generally a lot more restless and likely to become propelled by nervous power than the majority of their Sun sign counterparts. Despite an inner streak of stubbornness, that you are affable, sociable, and well liked by your pals and associates. A proud and independent self-starter, you hardly ever seek help from other people. Nonetheless, there are typically influential persons standing by who’re ready to supply you assistance for those who ask. Despite your skilled image as a poster child for progress, within your private life you are rather set inside your methods. You neither welcome nor adapt readily to abrupt modifications for your habitual way of performing issues.

Inside a love connection, you want stability and consistency, but your independent spirit makes you somewhat fearful of intimacy and togetherness. Nonetheless, as soon as you make a decision to make the commitment to a long-term union, you do it wholeheartedly.