May 16 Zodiac

Solar sign: Taurus – Element: earth

Taurus who celebrate their birthdays on May 16 are intelligent and honorable. You have got a very generous disposition, and you don’t limit your kindness to material things. Usually gracious along with your time and attention, you’re a teacher who inspires by example. You have an inquiring mind that’s open to any type of mental challenge. Your congenial, breezy outer character hides the more really serious side of your nature, the part of you that is certainly thinking about philosophical subjects and also the whys and wherefores of existence.

May 16th Taurus are enthusiastic and optimistic and are usually not afraid to take probabilities when the rewards seem worth the risks. These born on May 16 are usually deeply spiritual or religious, albeit within a most unorthodox fashion. You may also possess psychic powers or be considering different elements of mysticism or the occult. You will be challenging operating and discerning, but additionally extremely inventive, imaginative, and intuitive. You may be gifted with the type of musical, artistic, dramatic, or literary talent which will bring about a effective experienced profession.

In love relationships, you’re the consummate romantic. Caring, sensual, and affectionate, you’re each giving and responsive as a mate or partner. You tend to fall in love rather simply, and virtually any sign of passion brings out the lover in you. You are loyal and devoted, but you may be rather possessive as well.