May 17 Zodiac

Solar sign: Taurus – Element: earth

The most obvious trait of Taurus whose birthdays fall on May 17 is their determination. A self-starter using a program, you have possibly known from an early age what you want to achieve and ways to go about it. Unlike some members of your Sun sign, you’re not especially concerned with other people’s opinions of the actions. You run right up and grab the bull by the horns with no waiting for permission or approval from any individual. Honesty is your touchstone. In spite of your charming manner and winning character, you’re not recognized for tact. You prefer saying precisely what you’re thinking and letting the chips fall exactly where they’ll.

Taurus celebrating their birthdays on May 17 have an eye for high quality and a sensible approach to finances that insures material safety. Company is your forte, and you know how to commercialize your talents and use them towards the greatest advantage. You will be a born executive using a present for organization plus a firm, take-charge manner. As a shrewd judge of character, you understand which of your associates can be trusted and depended on to have the job done.

In an intimate union, you make a loving, reputable, and discerning companion. You are naturally bull-headed, on the other hand, and at instances you’ll be able to be pretty demanding. You understand specifically what you need inside a mate or lover, and you are not prepared to settle for significantly less.