May 18 Zodiac

Solar sign: Taurus – Element: earth

Taurus born on May 18 are an exciting blend of creativity, spirituality, and idealism. Physically and mentally alert, you have swift reflexes and heightened intellectual perceptions. A compassionate humanitarian, you possess excellent empathy for the human situation and an intuitive understanding of other people’s experiences. Your ultimate aim should be to assistance improve the globe. You might be in a position to achieve this within a direct way by speaking out against injustices politically, within the media, in the classroom, or in the pulpit; or you may choose to communicate your suggestions in an indirect manner by way of your operate as an artist, musician, writer, or athlete.

Taurus born on May 18 are extremely creative and imaginative, but they’re also eminently practical and able to have points performed having a minimum of fuss. A born fighter, you are not afraid of anything or any individual. You totally refuse to tolerate prejudice, discrimination, or inequity. Impatient, impulsive, and really outspoken, it is possible to hurt your personal cause in case you neglect to stop and believe prior to you speak. Any time you are disappointed by the insensitivity of many people or the globe normally, you may grow to be temporarily despondent or withdrawn.

You may need a steady private life to offset the turbulence of your passionate crusading. A correct romantic, you might be a sentimental, tender, caring companion who revels within the closeness of a committed partnership. In love and friendship, you are loyal, dependable, and extremely responsive to the other person’s requires.