May 2 Zodiac

Solar sign: Taurus – Element: earth

Taurus born on May 2 has an earthy, here-and-now planet view that accounts for their no-nonsense strategy to dealing with challenges. As a materialist, you believe in outcomes, not theories. Nonetheless, you refuse to let your rock-hard realism interfere with all the abiding charm of your amiable personality. Inclined toward collaboration and teamwork, you will go out of the method to avoid conflict and controversy. Having said that, a bullish Taurus temperament lurks just beneath the surface of one’s placid exterior; with enough provocation, you’ll fly into a terrible rage.

Taurus with birthdays on May 2 generally exhibit exceptional artistic or musical talent. Your creativity tends to be in the practical variety. When coupled with intuition, it supplies you with keen insight and a deep understanding of the public’s wants and desires. Strong-willed, dependable, and resolute, you’ve a powerful memory and tons of frequent sense. While lots of career fields are open to someone of one’s capabilities, you may have a particular interest in the performing arts, teaching, counseling, architecture, designing, cooking, or catering.

You’re deeply caring and passionate, but it is possible to be rather shy about love. You fear rejection and may take a passive strategy, preferring to attract romantic partners instead of pursuing them. When you make up your thoughts about an individual, you hardly ever modify it. Having said that, in the event you must alter your thoughts, the relationship is as superior as over.