May 20 Zodiac

Solar sign: Taurus – Element: earth

The individual born on May 20, around the Taurus/Gemini cusp, is charming and friendly, with the easy manner of an individual who has been blessed with a winning personality. You are versatile, original, communicative, and imaginative. A creative thinker with an artistic temperament, your hands and brain appear to operate with each other in great harmony. You possess all the bull’s artistry coupled with the twin’s mental and physical dexterity. Sociable and lighthearted, you commonly respond to people and situations additional promptly and openly than do other bulls.

Placid, stable Taurus exerts a calming effect on Gemini’s nervous, restless nature. Even so, you usually flip back and forth involving 1 mood and a different. You like issues protected and serene, yet crave modify and diversity. With your Gemini side in control, you’re logical and coolly detached, but you develop into remarkably emotional and stubborn when Taurus takes over. A superb listener and also a persuasive talker, you are also astute at working behind the scenes. When you’re thwarted or blocked inside your efforts, you mix a bit of cunning with your charm to help turn things around.

As a romantic companion, that you are affectionate, sensual, and thrilling. Although physical closeness poses small difficulty, emotionally you may be completely unavailable. You desire the love and security of loved ones life, but you also want the freedom and independence to pursue your individual dreams.