May 21 Zodiac

Solar sign: Gemini – Element: air

Gemini with birthdays on May 21 are the whirling dervishes on the zodiac. You rush about from location to location, meeting people and gleaning bits of news and information as you go. A consummate communicator, you may barely wait to share what you have discovered with other folks. Though you skim the surface of most subjects, you have got a knack for zeroing in on essentials and vital components. Because of this, you often possess a improved understanding of persons and scenarios than people that pride themselves on probing deeply for the facts.

Gemini born on May 21 are optimistic, versatile, and independent. You think in oneself and within your capability to overcome difficulties. Surprisingly lucky, you aren’t afraid to act in your hunches. You are always around the lookout for new challenges and adventures for the reason that you are convinced that selection could be the spice of life. Your restless temperament abhors a vacuum, as well as your chameleon-like adaptability permits you match in anyplace. You fervently resist attempts to box you in, and dull circumstances or boring corporation won’t hold you for long.

In love and romance it requires each intellectual and physical stimulation to help keep you interested. Effusive emotion and unremitting intimacy can scare you off. When the closeness becomes cloying, you’re inclined to take off in search of greener, significantly less restrictive pastures.