May 23 Zodiac

Solar sign: Gemini – Element: air

Gemini whose birthdays fall on May 23 are quick-witted, independent, original thinkers. Together with your uncanny foresight, you are in a position to anticipate and strategy for future developments. Your unique, innovative tips are often 1 step ahead of those of your contemporaries. Naturally curious about anything and everybody, you are a great talker and theorizer. You may have a specific gift for understanding the significance of small details, without having losing sight of huge picture.

Gemini born on May 23 are genuine paradoxes. Open-minded, unconventional, and unpredictable one moment, you may come to be very stubborn and intractable the next. Your universe is composed of thoughts and words, and you gather info from as many sources as you can. Following pondering and processing the true meaning of what you have found, you reorganize it to suit your own personal beliefs and tips. A born teacher, writer, and speaker, your clarity of mind, really feel for language, and fluency of expression enable you to share your expertise with other individuals.

Everyone desires to be your friend or associate mainly because you might have an instinctive understanding of the best way to get together with people. Nevertheless, you’re very wary of placing oneself inside a position of emotional vulnerability. You get pleasure from the closeness and passionate intensity of an intimate partnership, yet what you’d like most are mutual understanding and companionship. You’re loyal to those you love, but you won’t tolerate also quite a few restrictions in your freedom.