May 7 Zodiac

Solar sign: Taurus – Element: earth

Those Taurus born on May 7 are an uncommon blend of your standard practicality of solar Taurus along with the adventurous spirit in the quantity seven. Around the 1 hand, you are a truth-seeking intellectual using a deep reservoir of wisdom, and around the other, you are something of a mystic or occultist. Inventive imagination is your forte, and also you possess all the sensitivity of a correct artist. You might have tremendous empathy for other people and considerable talent as a psychic, which makes it possible for you to “tune in” to what men and women are feeling.

When your own personal deepest feelings come into play, logic and purpose tend to fall by the wayside, and you consider with your heart alternatively of your mind. There is a solitary side of one’s nature that needs frequent “down time” for private contemplation. Because of this, even people close to you may regard you as rather mysterious. You could be torn and uncertain about what you would like to accomplish in life. Even so, when you come across an concept or project that actually excites you, your enthusiasm won’t quit till the purpose is accomplished.

In an intimate union, you make a sentimental, tender, caring lover. On the other hand, at occasions you are able to be depressed or moody, particularly in the event you really feel that your efforts are usually not appreciated. If a close relationship turns sour, the inevitable breakup can leave you feeling heartbroken and betrayed.