November 21 Zodiac

Solar sign: Scorpio – Element: Water

The person born around the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp is usually a lot more outgoing than the vast majority of his / her Sunlight sign counterparts. Sagittarius contributes humor, optimism, and lightheartedness to Scorpio’s darker, much more major mother nature. The sign in the archer also adds a philosophical transform of intellect that is certainly sometimes absent from the obsessive Scorpio mentality. While others of the sign are busily probing and prodding people’s psyches, you’re searching for understanding and knowledge within the hope of uncovering the this means of daily life.

November 21 persons are much much too sophisticated and secretive being easily understood, as well as the folks who know them best may have a very really hard time divining their genuine motivations. You seem to be flexible and progressive right until anyone attempts for getting you to transform your thoughts about amongst your dog theories. When you have settled on the organization feeling, you can be stubborn towards the stage of intractability. An smart and witty conversationalist, you enjoy exchanging thoughts and data with others. Inherently adventurous and courageous, you love touring, specially to dangerous, strange, and unique locations. Your temperament is that of the athletics winner whose endurance and competitive instincts are invariably targeted on overcoming troubles and defeating the competition.

In an intimate connection, you may be torn in between Scorpio’s inclination toward loyalty and fidelity as well as archer’s normally flirtatious, independent spirit. Nevertheless, when you make a business commitment to another person you love, you adhere by it.