Cancer Solar Sign


Achilles was born to the goddess Thetis and a mortal father, Peleus. The couple had seven children, but Thetis didn’t want them to be cursed with Peleus’s mortal genes, so she proceeded to burn six of them over an open flame to rid them of their flesh. (Myths should have a movie-rating system on them!) When it came to the last son, Achilles, her husband stopped her just in time by grabbing him by his ankles, which was the only part of his body that remained mortal—thus the term Achilles’ heel came to mean a person’s weak spot.
Achilles was called to war and was followed by his mother, who fed him, doted on him, and insisted that he dress in women’s clothing. The only time the sulking Achilles showed any enthusiasm was when he saw his friend being killed, which was enough to rouse him from his tent where he spent most of the time with his mom.
Thetis wanted nothing but godliness for her children and was willing to kill them in the name of their highest good. This shows how Cancers often believe that they’re doing the best thing for the ones they love even if it’s painful for everyone involved. Cancers also have high expectations of themselves when it comes to their children: the urban myth of the mother who lifted the car with one hand to save her child is the perfect archetype for the Cancer native, male or female.
There’s an instinct to build a family, whether it’s biological or made up of current friends. You’ll hear those of this sign use phrases such as “our people” or “our group,” which is their way of acknowledging the family they’ve created. Their home is vital for their sense of safety and comfort.
Cancer is a Cardinal sign, and you’ll find that most Cancers act out the matriarchal energy of the family. Both men and women reflect this quality, as there’s an emotional strength running through them that establishes an instant authority.
All Cancers must come to a resolution with respect to their mothers. Some learn to embrace the woman who gave them life, and others learn to leave her, but this is a big issue that won’t just walk away without some direct and willing attention.
Those born under this sign are ruled by the moon and therefore appear constantly fluctuating in their moods; this is an issue that’s usually resolved by addressing some sort of insecurity.

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