Capricorn as friend


Kevin Costner is Capricorn.

Women and men born under Capricorn do not have many intimate friends. Their main interest is their work. When that’s done for the day, they do enjoy relaxing with someone who understands that any discussion of personal affairs must be initiated by Capricorn. Their friends are mostly casual types who don’t expect any exchange of intimacies.

Capricorns are capable of making fast friendships, and in those rare instances, they are as staunch and loyal as any one type in the Zodiac. But the individual Goat’s fraternity club has a very restricted membership, and members don’t meet that often. It’s enough for these characters to know there’s someone in this world they can discuss their troubles with—if the necessity ever arises. This gives them the feeling of security that is so essential to their happiness and well-being. It isn’t the actual exercising of this option that matters, for deep, confiding friendship is something Capricorn holds in reserve—or in his mind—and probably never needs to make use of.

So it’s on with the surface show. These people are easily entertained: a quiet chat, a few drinks, listening to music, watching TV or discussing business and current affairs will often satisfy them. They are not romantic types with social aspirations and they’re not addicted to pleasure. All they really want is a temporary break from their main concern, which, as they mature, is to get as far ahead as they can in their job or career, and if possible to make a name for themselves.

Their closest friends and all those who love them realize they are supersensitive. They may appear solid, stable and practical, but, deep inside, they are aquiver with diffidence, uncertainty and vague, indefinable fears.
On first meeting, Capricorns appear to many to be standoffish and cold. This is frequently a pose they affect to compensate for their uneasiness. They are so determined that no one shall hurt their feelings that they won’t give others the chance to rebuff or slight them by making overt moves of friendship. Their emotions are generally tucked safely away where nobody can get at them.

The real friends of Capricorn men and women are those who care enough to patiently and affectionately penetrate to the real person. There is no doubt that this protective veneer begins growing on Capricorn people early in life. Their childhood is frequently sad or disorganized, which teaches them to be wary of so-called close relationships.
They sometimes appear distrustful and suspicious when others extend a friendly hand. It’s not that they don’t want to grasp it; but they worry about the price that must be paid in pain if one fails the other. They are deep and serious people, these Capricorn.

A Capricorn person who allows his or her fears to dominate becomes withdrawn and uncommunicative. The process can start very early, sometimes in the middle of the happy and fun-loving teens. This person is often critical and builds up a repressed passion, which expresses itself in instant and violent dislikes.
All in all, the odds are against Capricorn being a very satisfactory friend for most people.