You’ll most often find that the critical issue for Capricorns lies with their devouring father. Father is used here as an archetype; it could easily be a mother, uncle, or relative—someone who made it clear to these Goats at an early age that if they didn’t grow up fast, they wouldn’t make it.
The important themes for Capricorns to embrace are the need to reclaim the childhood that they never had, to understand that work isn’t the definition of who they are, and to remember that they still have their innocence within them, awaiting a time when it’s safe enough to come forward.
Most Capricorn natives hide their ages well, and even seem to look younger as they grow older. There are few who will tell you that their lives were easy ones; most had to start working as soon as they could talk, perhaps to care for an ill parent.
They always had a list of chores that needed to get done or were forced to watch their siblings. Whatever the task, they started early, knowing that they had to fend for themselves—but being a Cardinal sign of Earth means that they had the skills to do it. They’re governed by the teacher planet, Saturn, and follow an internal set of rules. Shortcuts don’t exist in Capricorns’ minds, and usually the only route for them to get where they’re going is the hard way.
Those born under this sign are disciplinarians at heart, and it’s difficult for them to understand why any situation calls for suffering or complaining—although they do their share of both. You may often be shocked by their overreaction to a poorly handled business transaction, their overdramatized recounting of a “close call” at work, or their profound disappointment in the face of a deal that fell through.
Unconsciously, they’re trying to create an obstacle to overcome, and it often means that they’re close to success and afraid that it will come too easily.
There’s something to Capricorns’ symbol—the Mountain Goat or Sea Goat—that represents their multifaceted capacity to handle any situation. This Goat can thrive on the highest mountaintop and in the sea, signifying the ability of those of this sign to survive anywhere.
Capricorns enter every relationship with a purpose; in fact, they do everything in this way. If you’re involved with one, then you’ll be asked to define the intention of your union at some point. At first you’ll find that your Capricorn is a traditionalist, liking things done in a slow, respectable way: dating first, talking, and looking to see if this is a good investment of time. They’re trying to figure out if they can serve a function in your life or if you will have a future together.
Children and family, making money, and working together are all examples of purposes; and when your Capricorn feels that none exist, you risk losing them. Being a Cardinal sign means that they have no fear of activity, but their time must be spent usefully.
Capricorns see everything as theirs and don’t like to share the things that are important to them. They’re loyal companions, and as the relationship ripens, you’ll find them letting you into the more vulnerable components of their makeup. But if there’s a moment when they feel too defenseless, they can build a wall around themselves that’s virtually impenetrable. When they’re scared or hurt, they can look at you as if they’d never met you, which is an eerie feeling.

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