Gemini Solar Sign

Twins of different fathers, Castor, a mortal, and Pollux, an immortal (son of Zeus), were close and fought many battles together.
Castor was fatally wounded in the last one and lay dying. Zeus gave Pollux a choice: to spend all his time on Mount Olympus without Castor, or to divide his immortality and give half to Castor.
He chose the division, enabling his brother to live with him for half of the day on Olympus and the other half in Hades. These two are the brightest stars in the Gemini constellation.
Within the wit and wisdom of the Gemini is the division of self. One side sees life as full of grand possibilities in the connection with others, and the other sees it as full of personal events that can’t be shared.
The separation of our emotions from our thoughts is a common metaphor that exists in each of us. We usually create a distinction between our idea of who we are and our experience of who we actually are in life, and this split is clear in all Geminis.
They have a part that they just love (the mental, clear, light, easy side—considered the one that came from a god), and another that they aren’t so accepting of (the heavier, more distrusting, cautious, easily hurt side—said to be the one that came from a mortal).
The eventual goal is to get these two separate components to spend time together so that they bring balance to their extreme world: to metaphorically bring the light into the dark and a bit of the dark to the light.
If they can bring these two outlooks closer to each other, it will give more purpose to their seemingly trivial pursuits and more hope to their bouts of depression. It’s a worthy goal that isn’t so easy to accomplish; however, as long as Geminis understand the concept of this split and can create an inner observer, the battle is already won.