Horoscope Cancer 2017 (1)

Where Saturn in Leo emphasizes your money, Neptune in Aquarius spotlights joint resources, including inheritance, insurance, investments, benefits, retirement accounts, and partnership funds. Neptune is as much the planet of illusion and confusion as it is of enlightenment. But it can be tough to look through the haze to identify which is which. Although realistic Saturn aids that process this year, it’s still wise to consult well-qualified, certified professionals before making major financial decisions that can have long-term consequences.
You Cancer, your partner, or both may have already experienced some of Neptune’s effects because it’s been in Aquarius since ten years ago.
If so, benefit from that knowledge, especially what you learned seven years ago when Saturn contacted your Sun from practical Taurus, a sign that’s as security- and value-conscious as you are. On another level, spiritual Neptune encourages you to have faith and to trust in the universe. Not blindly, but as an extension of yourself that’s based on wisdom, facts, and the belief that you deserve the best from life.
This year is the last of Pluto’s long transit through Sagittarius. During the past twelve years your work life has undergone many changes as this transformative planet sometimes pushed you to
take bold steps and at other times to retreat and regroup. You’ve undoubtedly learned the ins and outs of workplace politics and how best to manage everything from your time and talents to the boss and co-workers. Now it’s time to cash in!
This year is the one you’ve been working and waiting for, when all your hard work can pay off. With luck and opportunity on your side, you’re set for a step up—one that will have you on your way to ever-increasing gains over the next five years. There are, however, two caveats to this rosy picture. Take on only what you’re sure you have the knowledge and experience to handle. Otherwise you could lose, rather than gain supporters who can benefit you this year and next. As you make your mark, also try to remember that no one, including you, is invincible. Commitment can become obsession, and overconfidence can trigger power struggles. Maintain your perspective and empower others as you share the load and the credit.
This year’s eclipses—two solar and two lunar—are in Virgo and Pisces, your solar Third and Ninth Houses. They reinforce the emphasis on learning and education, as well as travel. If a long vacation is out of the question, consider periodic weekends away without your cell phone or computer.

Horoscope 2017