Horoscope Leo 2017 (1)

That’s especially important because your physical energy may be low until September 2, when Saturn enters Virgo, your solar Second House of personal resources. Although your income could decrease in the next three years, that’s not a given.
Saturn’s message—and lesson— is about learning to manage and maximize your personal and financial resources. Don’t be surprised if you begin to place a higher value on your skills and talents, as well as building a savings cushion.
As Saturn in Virgo will highlight personal resources later this year, Uranus continues to influence joint resources. Now midway through its long transit of Pisces, your solar Eighth House, Uranus represents change, surprise, and opportunity. A windfall is as possible as a loss when this quirky planet influences finances, so you should be more conservative than bold with investments and family funds.
A similar scenario applies to your partner’s income, which could soar or plummet, although gains are more likely. It’s equally possible either or both of you will benefit from an inheritance or lucky win. Overall, though, it’s a wise idea to keep close tabs on credit, loans, and insurance matters and to build up savings for unexpected expenses. If debt has become an issue, you might want to look into credit counseling or debt consolidation to speed up the payoff process.
Think carefully, though, before you put your home at risk or take on a sizable mortgage.
Neptune entered Aquarius, your solar Seventh House of partnership, nine years ago. As it begins its tenth year in this sign, close relationships will benefit more than ever from an emphasis on communication.
Idealism continues to dominate, but this year you will begin to see another side of your business or romantic partner (or potential partner).
That may be positive or negative, but there’s no doubt it will lead to a better understanding of what you both need and expect from a relationship. February and June will be key months in this process. It’s possible you will suddenly view your partner in a more realistic light. This may be tough to accept because on some level it will burst the bubble of perceived perfection. Consider it a learning experience. You’ll also want to carefully check credentials before consulting a professional, such as an attorney, accountant, financial adviser, or medical personnel.
If in doubt, get a second opinion.
Where Jupiter in Sagittarius invites you to expand romantic and creative opportunities, Pluto in its last year in Sagittarius encourages self-empowerment. This positive growth process began twelve years ago, the last time Jupiter and Pluto were in Sagittarius, and concludes this year with both planets again in your solar Fifth House. The journey will come full circle this year as you fully realize how much you’ve evolved during that time with ever-increasing confidence and self-understanding. As your inner strength peaks, you might contemplate a major life change.
If you decide to make the move, be 100 percent sure. Once you make the move there will be no turning back.
This year’s solar and lunar eclipses in Virgo and Pisces reinforce the 2017 focus on personal and shared resources. They occur in August, September, and March, months that will bring money matters to your attention.

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