Horoscope Libra 2017 (1)

Your work life may be unsettled with Uranus traveling in Pisces, your solar Sixth House. Although workplace changes are possible—even needed and hoped for—that’s not the most likely scenario. You’re in a transition phase, a sort of limbo, without much action.
Frustration rises as a result and with it a more or less constant level of ongoing tension. That makes it vital to take time for yourself every day.
Try for an hour and settle for thirty minutes when necessary. Personal time is just as important to your health as sleep, a nutritious diet, and moderate exercise.
Neptune, now in its tenth year in Aquarius, your solar Fifth House, continues to accent your social life and stimulate interest in creative endeavors. That could inspire you to get involved in a charitable organization or fund-raising effort for the arts, as well as to pursue your own talents.
You might even decide to turn a hobby into a second income. Romance is irresistible with Neptune influencing your love life, and you have a certain something—a charismatic aura—that attracts admirers. If you’re a parent, promote open communication with your children and encourage them to share their challenges and successes. You also might want to get to know their friends and participate in their school or sports activities, but only if you’re one of many involved parents.
Words are power with both Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius, your solar Third House, an influence that sharpens your thinking.
The planetary duo also boosts your determination and willpower, and once you set a goal, little can deter you from it. Intuition is another strength, and you have the ability to see what others miss—grasp-ing the details as well as the big picture.
This energy is likely to attract important people into your orbit. Cultivate them because these valuable contacts will pay off in the next few years.
This year’s eclipses in Virgo and Pisces, your solar Twelfth and Sixth Houses, focus on health and well-being, work, and service. Strive for a balance of all three as one can enhance the others. Try meditation or yoga, and schedule regular checkups.

Horoscope 2017