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Aquarius Love 2018

Communication and shared intellectual interests are on the top of your list for compatibility. Intimate, intense relationships make you uncomfortable. You’d rather have something that is breezy, informal, and friendly. The humanitarian side of your personality draws you toward vulnerable types who need your guidance.

This is all well and good, but after you help them through a crisis time, you’re ready to go on to something new, and they’re ready for the altar! This gets awkward, so you have to learn not to befriend someone, fall in love, and then go on to someone else when they can stand on their own two feet again! You approach love with a certain degree of loftiness and nobility. Any problem, you rationalize, can be worked out logically and intelligently, but at the first glimpse of emotion from another, you get stressed and look for the exit.

You are most compatible with a sociable Libra who shares your philosophical outlook. An inquisitive Gemini can easily win your heart. You’ll share games and endless mental stimulation. Leo has appeal, sex is lovely, but too much fire can burn you out. Beware of Taurus, who is much too possessive and materialistic. Ditto for Scorpio, who will take you to the heights of sexuality, but wants to own you as well.

Pisces is too gullible and emotional for you, and though you love Virgo’s ability to analyze, you can’t tolerate the pettiness. You match wits with another Aquarius, but find the periods of mutual detachment detrimental to the relationship. Cancer is warm, but smothering. Capricorn teaches you business principles, but is where you’ve been, not where you’re going. Aries is fun, exciting, and brings you to new heights of ecstasy. With Sagittarius you’ll share humor and good times and encourage each other’s independence.

Your best romantic times are Jan. 20 – Feb. 1 2, April 26 – May 21, and June 15July 11. From Sept. 7 through the end of the year an attraction develops with an employer or business contact. Watch yourself on this one, it’s pure sex and nothing more!

Aquarius Money 2018

You usually have a carefree approach to finances. Sure you want to make money, like everyone else, but you can get distracted by lofty idealism and concentration on the subjective side of life. The absent-minded professor applies here. You could forget to pay your utility bills until the power is turned off, or you could bounce checks and think it of no con sequence. It’s not that you don’t have the money, you just didn’t get to the bank!

Jupiter travels through your money house this year and that can mean a big, big increase. On these dates, financial matters prosper: April 5, May 3,31, June 27, July 15, 25, August 21, September 17,October 14, November 10, and December 8, 18.
If considering investments, try any commodity connected with liquids, gas, oil, pharmaceuticals, oceans, photography, film making, and music.
During retrograde Mercury periods use caution with expenditures and investments. The picture changes too rapidly to bring a large profit. Your judgment may be slightly off, so major monetary decisions should be critiqued carefully and possibly postponed during these times. These periods are March 7 – 30, July 9 – Aug. 2 and Nov. 2-22.
Ask for financial favors on Jan. 1, 2, 28, 29, Feb. 24, 25, March 23-25, April 20, 21, May 17, 18, June 13-15, July 11, 12, Aug. 7, 8, Sept. 3, 4, Oct. 1, 2, 28, 29, Nov. 24-26 and Dec. 22, 23.

To get the best bargains make purchases on Jan. 13,14, Feb. 10, 11, March 9, 10, April 5, 6, May 24, 30, 31, June 26, 27, July 23-25, Aug. 20, 21, Sept. 16, 17, Oct. 13-15, Nov. 10, 11 and Dec. 7,8.

After Feb. 20, there is overall financial improvement. First, you have more money at your disposal, so spending is done with ease and without deference to the budget. Secondly, money is more easily accessible, because opportunities abound for making it, your efforts bring a greater return, and reserves flourish.

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