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Cancer Money 2018

Money is important to you, Cancer, because it buys your food, shelter and clothing, the basic staples of your existence. To insure long term security consider real estate investments. This could be a condo, co-op, or house. Live on your own property as well. Owning is tantamount to belonging, so having a place to call your own gives you roots and a comfortable abode in which to entertain the family. Don’t skimp on your dwelling, either. You need a friendly place to crash after a day in the cold, cruel world.

You are the pack rat of the Zodiac, spending your money on a collection of knickknacks, cookbooks, antiques, art, and sentimental paraphernalia. These purchases can be emotionally satisfying, especially if you’re shopping while in one of your maudlin moods. Your spending reaches a peak in August when warm weather has you seeking refuge in air-conditioned shopping malls!
There are no major increases in your financial status this year. There is, however, plenty of work for you and this work brings its own rewards. In other words, if you want to eat, and continue to spend you’d better work!

On February 11, luck is with you so buy that lottery ticket! Don’t get sucked into shady deals from June 22-26. Check out another’s credentials if your suspicions are aroused. Shop for unusual apparel the first week in July and home furnishings in mid-August. Your partner’s impulsive spending can be a source of strife from October 9 – November 26. Loans are not favored at this time, either. Examine the reasons for financial discord. Jealousy and sex may be at the root, so watch out!

Cancer Love 2018

In a romantic relationship, Cancer, you can be smothering, protective, and dependent. Sometimes the object of your affections responds like a child to your love, becoming more and more reliant on you for basic needs. When this happens, your mothering instincts come around full force and you’re happy taking care of the helpless baby, but not for long. You need someone strong to depend on when your role changes from mother to vulnerable child. Ideally, you need a strong, family type with traditional beliefs.
A passionate Scorpio or imaginative Pisces is your most compatible sign. Both are water signs and an emotional rapport is instantly established resulting in a lovely, harmonious relationship. A Capricorn is like the Rock of Gibralter to you, dependable, reliable, and very compatible. Aries is too independent and abrasive for your sweet nature, and Libra, too narcissistic and indecisive.

Another Cancer makes a good companion as long as you don’t get into a passive setting that inhibits growth. Leo is too self-centered for your tastes and Aquarius, too abstract and aloof. Gemini bores you with superficial chatter and Sagittarius is much too independent to be mothered by you. Taurus offers you security and stability, something you very much need, and Virgo provides mental stimulation and a logical outlook on life to balance your emotional one.
Your best dates for romance are January 2 – February 4, and September 7 – December 31. After February 20 you can meet a new love while on a trip, at school, or on some spiritual adventure. This special person may be a creative Pisces or savvy Sagittarius. Your work place can be a source of new contacts, too, and a long-term commitment may be the ultimate outcome two and one/ half years from now. With Neptune continuing its transit of your marriage house, don’t get married unless you have absolutely no doubts about the other person and are sure there are no drug or alcohol problems. Neptune can fog your judgment and you won’t see the person clearly until after the honeymoon is over!

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