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Capricorn Love 2018

Romantically, you are a traditionalist preferring a courtship before you jump into the sack. You do consider the material prospects of your companion before proceeding with serious intentions. You are more likely than not, to marry for money or a leap in status. The perfect mate to you is someone who works, and is warm, kind, and considerate. This person has a bank account or manages money fairly well. Loyalty? You bet! If the person isn’t loyal in the relationship: goodbye!
Compatibility shapes up like this: Taurus is practical, has money, and is sensual to boot! This could be your dream person. Virgo is a close second with efficiency, modesty, and sincerity. You can really get close to a Cancer, whose caring and warmth melts your hardened exterior like butter on hot toast. Libra makes you uncomfortable, too indecisive and extravagant and Aries is much too bossy and independent. You admire the intellect of an Aquarius, but the alooftness gets to you after a while. Leo is attractive as a mate, but can be too demanding and dramatic for your refined nature. Another Capricorn just isn’t going to work. Coldness develops between you as other obligations are put before the relationship.
Sagittarius is distracted too easily into directions away from you, and Gemini is much too scattered and unproductive for your organized nature. A Scorpio sends sexual messages and the two of you are headed in the same direction. This one works well. Pisces is sensitive and you like that. You can have deep discussions that bring a special closeness to the two of you. This could work out quite well.
Your best dates for romance are January 1-20, April 2-26, and May 21 – June 15. You can meet new loves while visiting with neighbors, at the grocery store, at school, or through a relative. You can come on too strong sexually with Mars going through your sign from March 28 – Oct. 9. After a few dates, you may think it’s time for intimacy, but the other person could think just the opposite. Party plans could get fouled-up from October 15 – November 25.

Capricorn Money 2018

You are known as the tight-wad of the Zodiac. You are very selective with sharing your resources and will travel many miles to save a few dollars. Because you work so hard for your money, you come to value its power in the material world. Real estate is a good investment for you. You prefer anything that has a long term gain. No get rich quick schemes for your conservative nature. Investments involving natural products of the earth will return a good profit as well.
Fortunately, your cautious approach toward finances can eventually build you an empire. You do have the potential for great wealth in this year and will get it if you’ve planned well. When Uranus, the ruler of your money house, retrogrades from March 28 – August 28 possessions and money are unpredictable because of unknown factors. Don’t spend money you don’t have, because it may not come through as anticipated. Business decisions are clouded by unusual circumstances from April 7April 10. It’s better to put them off rather than make poor decisions. Be generous toward others from June 16 – July 12. Buy gifts, treat someone to lunch, or pay off another’s debt. Kindness is returned ten fold to the source.
Your overall financial picture shows futuristic gains. Many things are in the works that are either secret or as yet unknown to you, but can bring great rewards in the next few years. With Neptune traveling through your sign, it is important that you clearly define the fundamental value you are putting on money and business. Be sure you’re looking at material things realistically.

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