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Gemini Money 2018

You are into so many things, Gemini, that you probably derive income from more than one source. Little incidentals like magazines, books, pencils, gadgets, plants, games, and puzzles eat up your budget. In an effort to satisfy your boredom, the shopping malls become your playground. You could be window shopping, but more likely you’re there picking up things you don’t really need. With Saturn traveling through your marriage house this year, the only people who can put a limit on your spending are your spouse, accountant, or attorney!
Seriously, you will have to seek professional advice about business partnerships and financial management. Your income is starting to build and you must learn to wisely invest your money. If you have partially relied on others for extra support, that support may no longer be there this year. The worst period for dealing with others in a business or partnership is around February 17. Come mid-March, expect the unexpected. Things can totally reverse!
January 5January 25 is a good time to present financial ideas to others. When Mars retrogrades through your house of joint finances from June 8 – August 12, you will run into more than your share of conflict with a partner, the government, or an insurance agency.
Overall, to get along financially with others, you will have to compromise and cooperate. You do this readily to appear fair, but don’t sell yourself short in an effort to resolve controversial issues. Fairness is one thing, but don’t get carried away.

Gemini Love 2018

You’re fickle in love, prone to more than one marriage or serious relationship and remain forever young because of your flirtatious nature. You enjoy experiencing many relationships, and usually have more than one going at the same time. Communication is the most important thing to you in a relationship. If you lose that, it’s over. You enjoy people from diverse backgrounds and social situations. You are so friendly and talkative that sometimes it’s misunderstood and you find yourself with suitors that you don’t want. Boredom, restlessness and changeableness are qualities that inhibit long-term relationships. Ideally you want a mate who keeps you guessing, is intellectual, spontaneous, well-read, and allows you plenty of mental freedom.
You can, and will get involved with all the signs of the Zodiac, but should consider these facts before taking the plunge: you are most compatible with air signs Aquarius and Libra, and fire signs Sagittarius, who keeps you on a constant adventure. With them you share the mental pursuits that are so important to you. Pisces seems too profound and withdrawn for you and is not a good choice. Neither is Virgo, whose criticalness is more than you can handle. Another Gemini has initial appeal, but you both may go off in different directions. Cancer and Capricorn make you focus on the material world and that gets old very soon. Scorpio is much too possessive for your lifestyle and Taurus interferes with your need for freedom. Aries is a friend first, and that could work out quite well, and Leo is mentally stimulating, humorous, and delightful in your eyes, and that’s even better!
Your best dates for romance are August 7 – September 7, and September 23 – October 23. With Saturn traveling through your marriage house, you may consider settling down, but Uranus is still there, so you must question how important your freedom really is. This year, you will attract either an older Sagittarius who is successful and mature, or a brilliant Aquarius who doesn’t want to settle down.

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