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Leo Love 2018

In a romantic relationship you expect regal treatment, Leo. You want to be noticed, appreciated, loved and maybe even worshipped a little. You’re willing to do all these things, too, for just the right person! Watch a tendency to become demanding and overly dramatic when you feel loved ones aren’t giving you the attention you need and deserve. During the dating stage of a relationship, you really expect an elegant show. For you to be impressed, it must be the finest restaurant, most expensive wine, flowers, candlelight, and music. Once someone wins your heart you like to show the person off. This person must be the most attractive or sexy creature around so you can be the envy of your friends. You want them to notice the V.I.P. treatment you’re getting so they’ll be impressed with your importance.

Let’s take a look at your compatibility with the other twelve signs. A lively Sagittarius treats you like royalty and shares your enthusiasm for the good life. Aries takes charge and you like the strength this sign exudes. Even Aquarius is appealing with their dry wit and an intellectual social circle for you to meet.
Scorpio is too demanding and possessive and with Taurus yo.u feel owned and manipulated. Another Leo shares your love of pomp and ceremony, but will vie with you over top billing. Virgo is too modest for your rich blood, but Pisces shares your love of glamour and fantasy. Cancer seems to undermine your elegance, and Capricorn treats you well, but may be too judgmental. Gemini is charming, witty and welcomed, and Libra shares your interest in entertaining, art, and cultural endeavors.

Your best dates for romance are January 20 – March 28, and October 9 – November 26. Until February 20 you could get a marriage proposal, if the rest of your horoscope concurs. From September until December an old love stimulates your nesting urges, but be careful with this one, Leo; too changeable!
Look for an uninhibited Capricorn to teach you some new sexual techniques in the summer. Around September 18 an attraction can culminate in a most gratifying sexual encounter. Your most happy times will be near December 1.

Leo Money 2018

Hello, big spender of the Zodiac! Money can slip through your hands like gold dust. When you want to impress your friends, you’ll spare no expense. You are generous and a good friend to have around because you make everyone feel they are worth a million bucks. You do keep rather meticulous records for all your rather obvious extravagance, however, and know where you stand at all times.

To increase finances this year look into group investments dealing with liquids, Pharmaceuticals, music, photography, or charities. Buy a lottery ticket or cash in on speculative ventures near March 13th when a windfall could descend on you. Progress is slower than usual from April 7-September 14, so don’t let impatience lead to foolish action. Your best time to make a killing in the market is December of 2018. Uranus continues through your fifth house of gambling and speculation this year, so big wins are likely, especially in April, August, or December!

When Mercury, the ruler of your money house, retrogrades, your judgment in financial matters can be off. Postpone important decisions during March 7-30, July 9 August 2, and November 2-22.
Your overall financial picture for 2018 looks promising. Mutual funds, including your partner’s money, are looking better. Insurances, tax funds, estates, and properties are areas that can bring a return for the sollar. With Saturn and Uranus in your fifth house of speculation and gambling, any risks you take are calculated. With that combination, it’s hard to lose!

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