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Libra Love 2018

Romance is a big part of your life, Libra. You are happiest when you have a thriving personal involvement. In a relationship you want equality, a companion, and someone to share life’s little discoveries. You can become so enamored with your special person that you develop an identity crisis. Without a relationship you feel worthless, unattractive, and personally unmotivated. But, this desperate desire to be bonded with another can lead to unwise choices and disastrous liasons. It’s quality and discretion that count.
Speaking of quality, you are most compatible with intellectual Aquarius and curious Gemini. With these signs you have harmonious ego drives, excellent communication, and compatible goals. If you are a very secure Libra you can get along with a bold Aries who helps you to assert yourself. Interaction with a Cancer brings repression of your socialability and excessive emotionalism. If you interact with a Capricorn you may find yourself dominated and your personal identity stifled. You can get along with another Libra if you are both happy with your sexual roles, otherwise one of you tries to overpower the other. A Scorpio can help you define your monetary values and a Taurus gives material security, but you have little else in common. Virgo is too critical of your shortcomings and Pisces is too much a dreamer for your high society tastes. A Leo is fun and puts you on a pedestal while a Sagittarius stimulates your creative imagination. You’re well matched with both of these.
Your best dates for romance are January 20 – February 13, March 9 – April 2. and October 9 – November 26. Jupiter travels through your fifth house of romance until February 20 bringing many opportunities for new relationships to develop. This can include a pregnancy, if that’s your desire, or meeting people at movies, concerts, and through affairs connected with children. You can meet a Pisces or Sagittarius at work this year or a Capricorn or another Aquarius while taking a course or visiting a neighbor. Casual bonds seem appropriate this year and any established liasons meet with controversy the 1st week in June.

Libra Money 2018

You feel more secure, Libra, if you have someone advising you financially or have your money invested in some type of joint venture. Your philosophy is there is strength in numbers. As recent as four years ago you had reason to distrust others in business or personal relationships. You got burned, but learned a valuable lesson about putting all your eggs in one basket. It has been a slow climb out of debt and with financial obligations, but things began to improve late in the last year. Venus retrogrades through your money house on October 15 – November 25 and that is one of the important times this year to hold back and be cautious with investments, purchases, and valuables. Don’t trust too easily, Libra or you’ll get burned. A shrewd Scorpio or imaginative Pisces can help you make wise investments around March 21.
Seek financial favors from others on January 18, 19, February 14, 15, 16, March 13, 14, 15, April 10, 11, May 7, 8, 9, June 3,4,5, July 1, 2, 28, 29, August 24, 25, 26, September 21, 22, October 18, 19, November 14, 15, 16,and December 12, 13.
Buying and selling is more successful and brings a better profit on January 5, 6, February 1, 2, March 1, 28, 29, April 24, 25, May 22, 23, June 18, 19, July 15, July 16, August 11, 12, 13, September 8, 9, October 5, 6, November 1, 2, 29, 30, and December 26, 27.
Don’t be forced into financial decisions from January 25 – 30, and don’t take out a large loan for a car, computer, or piece of communication or recording equipment around February 17. A financial crisis emerges around April 24, teaching you to pay more attention to expenditures. Around November 16 don’t be so generous with your funds or resources. You could find yourself short of cash because of the cash flow situation.
All in all, finances don’t look too bad this year. You will have to put some money into your home from June 8 – July 12 when mechanical failures seem inevitable and structural defects need repair. Look upon this as an investment and it will take the sting out of the spending!

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